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Cinematography Craft Thesis [00:02:00] -
Adam Richlin
Term: 20083

memory collect. [00:02:00] -
Elizabeth Phillips
Term: 20083

an experimental documentary that explores personal mythology and our ties to memory- how do you decide that events that made you, you?
Making Contact [00:02:00] -
Toby Orzano
Term: 20083

An alien crashes to Earth and meet a human and together they go on a quest for absurdity and profundity.
Pinocchio's Nose [00:02:00] -
Daniel Meiling
Term: 20083

The moon lost his eye.
Presentation Reel [00:11:43] -
Seth Uhlin
Term: 20013

Compilation of lighting work
synapse [00:19:05] -
Mark Zuniga
Term: 20071

Totem [00:24:03] -
Stephen Beikirch
Term: 20043

A look into the history and spiritual significance of tomemes and anthropomorphism at large
Conversations With Nothing [00:11:13] -
Peter Klinkon
Term: 20043

Exploration of two people's lives
Unleashed [00:03:02] -
Kevin Balamut
Term: 20043

Dog must find a leash or be thrown into the pound.
New School [00:05:31] -
William Craddock
Term: 20041

Number six toy robot is exiled, then teaches the others a new way to groove
Just Deserts [00:06:58] -
Christopher Kamsler
Term: 20033

An aardvark fights with some ants over food in the desert.
Milo [00:03:03] -
James Gambell
Term: 20033

A tiny creation rebels against its creator and refuses to be left alone in its environment.
This Movie [00:20:56] -
Amy Vassallo
Term: 20033

Three girls move in next door to three college boys, and rivalry of pranks begins.
New Boy Blue [00:22:46] -
Thaddeus Napp
Term: 20033

A teen questions his sexuality and tries to gain acceptance from friends and family
Broken Images [00:20:31] -
Jeffrey Metcalf
Term: 20033

Abstracted crime scene
Desidero [00:05:11] -
Gregory Madore
Term: 20033

A man struggles to answer the call of a crying baby
The Way Back [00:13:46] -
Benjamin Moskowitz
Term: 20033

A Tall Tale [00:04:34] -
Cheryl Schmidt
Term: 20023

Hello Sunshine [00:28:00] -
Benjamin Gonyo
Term: 20023

Real Fantasy [00:28:39] -
Adam Esposito
Term: 20033

Being [00:14:09] -
Jon-michael Higgins
Term: 20023

A survivor of childhood abuse struggles when asked to give the abusing father's eulogy.
Aloysius [00:27:21] -
Aaron Mcgrath
Term: 20083

Feel good comedy of the year.
Fog! [00:06:19] -
Steven Lawson
Term: 20083

Strata [00:07:43] -
Amy Kawabata
Term: 20083

A girl discovers a boy who lives in a world beneath her own through a puddle.
Falling [00:16:29] -
Erik Kandefer
Term: 20083

Flying Embrace [00:06:00] -
Sarah Johnson
Term: 20083

An abandoned plush Bunny saves a baby bird.
10:45AM [00:07:20] -
Jordan Greenhalgh
Term: 20083

A subway fantasy.
Hidden Treasure [00:05:41] -
Tanya Gizzarelli
Term: 20084

A girl tries to find a hidden treasure for her mother.
Modeling/Rigging Craft Track [00:14:00] -
Gwendolyn Frey
Term: 20083

This is a craft track focused on rigging/modeling and troubleshooting in a production environment.
All Fall Down [00:08:39] -
Brianne Francisco
Term: 20083

A creature learns to survive an unfriendly world by using his single appendage to find the place he belongs.
Slow Down [00:20:21] -
Michael Dispenza
Term: 20083

Slow Down Directed By Michael Dispenza Produced by Nate Stone and Michael Dispenza
90 Conal St. [00:00:39] -
Patrick Dillon
Term: 20083

This was an installation at 90 Conal st. from April 10th - 24th 2009. DVD is images from the show.
Deep Fishing [00:05:15] -
Riannon Delanoy
Term: 20084

Little blue boy just wants a daddy, orange guy and green lady just want to get high.
Play UnDead [00:05:19] -
Lauren Damon
Term: 20083

A dog's life gets more confusing following an encounter with a vampire.
The Lost Ribbon [00:18:43] -
Joseph Catanzano
Term: 20083

Paul joins his wife and daughter in the land of the dead, and must learn to move on.
Gopher-B-Gone [00:06:21] -
Peter Blank
Term: 20083

A green thumb attempts to eradicate his garden's menace.
10:45AM [00:07:20] -
Brian Baldwin
Term: 20083

A subway fantasy.
Collection [00:05:22] -
Giles Sherwood
Term: 20073

A demo reel of the works of Giles Sherwood.
Good Breeding [00:03:33] -
Alexander Berry
Term: 20073

Two pandas struggle to mate.
Satellite [00:05:16] -
Brian Monroe
Term: 20073

a robot wants to explore the planets new life froms while the spaceship wants it to come back onboard.
Remembering to Forget [00:21:15] -
Jennifer Brodka
Term: 20073

Day of the UnJoneses [00:03:20] -
Lidiya Gavrilenko
Term: 20073

Shrinkage [00:09:53] -
Alexander Salsberg
Term: 20073

Just Like Him [00:20:00] -
Tiffany Rogers
Term: 20063

Girl with a Gas Can [00:15:53] -
James Demetri
Term: 20063

Nicotine [00:05:36] -
Nathan Sawyer
Term: 20063

The Better Side of Humanity [00:04:35] -
Daniel Solel
Term: 20063

Stargazing [00:04:35] -
Karen Slagle
Term: 20063

Two girls see a shooting star.
The Hunted [00:05:01] -
James Going
Term: 20064

A hunter becomes the hunted after he kills a young tractor
Easy Place For Any of Us [00:16:35] -
Andrew Staples
Term: 20063

A father remembers his memories and regrests of his life.
Rolling Start [00:15:13] -
David Moffitt
Term: 20062

Porsche racing club
Invadeers From Inner Space [00:03:06] -
Tristyn Pease
Term: 20063

Alien deals with human family that threatens his planet.
Altrustic [00:11:13] -
Karen Hoover
Term: 20063

A man searches his girlfirends past and tries to renuite with her son.
An Affair of the Union [00:15:27] -
Aaron Pavlisko
Term: 20063

Husband and wife deal with an affair and their realtionship.
Deadbeat Dad [00:04:07] -
Annette Adams
Term: 20063

Lucifer is brought to court over a paternity suit.
Shadows [00:06:27] -
Laura Zelanis
Term: 20063

A puppet comes to life and helps a lonely guy find a friend in life.
The Meaning of Goodbye [00:21:27] -
John Waterman
Term: 20053

A lad meets up with an ex and throws away his new relationship. Also smashes a VHS tape.
Streets and Struggles [00:06:32] -
Bartek Franek
Term: 20052

A talking dog is discovered by a homeless man.
[00:07:23] -
Kevin Kilcher
Term: 20053

3D Modeling [00:02:50] -
Joshua Piejko
Term: 20053

Love at First Roach [00:02:50] -
William Robinson
Term: 20053

A roach is on a date with a mouse.
And away we go [00:03:07] -
La toye Adams
Term: 20053

Wheel Love [00:05:06] -
Jacqueline White
Term: 20053

Hamster's search for his spinning wheel.
Roads [00:07:13] -
Eric Hunn
Term: 20053

Woman riding motorcycle does not know which road to take .
Chloe Gets a Pet [00:03:22] -
David Suroviec
Term: 20053

A bird joins a girl's tea party
DP Thesis Craftrack [00:05:31] -
Joseph Kacyon
Term: 20053

Demo Reel [00:03:43] -
Daniel Colmenares
Term: 20054

Five Hours to Sunday [00:18:50] -
Kristen Klutzow
Term: 20053

A girl has to confront a person from her past to find her lost ring.
Primordial Soup [00:01:39] -
Aaron Giterman
Term: 20052

Man's soup spans living creatures.
A User's Guide [00:21:15] -
Daniel Kuba
Term: 20053

Guy tries to solve his intamcy problems with his girlfriend with a book.
Clonal eclipse of the heart [00:25:47] -
Brendan Vanmeter
Term: 20053

Aliens try to help a teenager hooke up with a girl.
Tobykins [00:03:30] -
Sean Sullivan
Term: 20053

A young boy tries to be a superhero and rescue a small bird, but his attempts seem to do more harm than good.
Privileged Cattle Complex [00:02:38] -
Shaun Joye
Term: 20053

This End Up [00:06:09] -
Jonathan Williams
Term: 20053

An interstellar delivery man must complete a difficult drop off or be fired.
A Frog and A Princess [00:03:19] -
Kimberly Miner
Term: 20053

Abbott the Apple Prince [00:04:44] -
James Macchiano
Term: 20053

Pygmalion Dreams [00:03:15] -
Nathaniel Hubbell
Term: 20053

Way of the Mantis [00:06:05] -
Joseph Daniels
Term: 20061

Gotta Go!!! [00:05:31] -
Jeffrey Rapess
Term: 20053

A young boy relies on his imagination when his sister locks him out of the bathroom.
The Roche Limit [00:05:02] -
Brent Paige
Term: 20053

A young man works to escape a collapsing planet with his father's historical archive intact.
Soulfest [00:09:50] -
Ashley Edwards
Term: 20042

A document about Christian rock centering on the 2005 Soulfest event
Good Morning Cephalga [00:03:59] -
Thomas Smolenski
Term: 20051

A man tries an pet medication on himslef to his pet's dismay
The Summer of Kate [00:03:31] -
Jennifer Treuting
Term: 20043

A young woman goes home to spend the summer with her mother and gets to know her and her town better
Mimetic #7 [00:09:55] -
Jesse Borowskij
Term: 20043

Mimetic: adjective - characterized by, exhibiting, or of the nature of imitation or mimicry
Udder Madness [00:03:02] -
Jonathan Levis
Term: 20043

Cow mutates into a mad cow.
Stories For Boys [00:16:32] -
Derek Gibbons
Term: 20043

Boy relates to his imaginary friend about the monster, his dad.
Last But Not Least [00:04:33] -
Michael Melo
Term: 20043

A little girl's king doll becomes trapped in a bubble, and the members of his court all work to release him.
Presentation Disk [00:07:12] -
Paul Dolzall
Term: 20043

Last But Not Least [00:04:33] -
Eugene Conniff
Term: 20043

A little girl's king doll becomes trapped in a bubble, and the members of his court all work to release him.
A Study In Science Fiction [00:13:12] -
Michael Barakat
Term: 20043

Homage to the genre of science fiction
Otter Joy [00:05:07] -
Nathan Yellig
Term: 20043

Two otters fight over fish to eat.
I Scream, You Scream [00:01:34] -
Steven Rybinski
Term: 20043

Boy tries to get ice cream from the ice cream truck.
Tan Line [00:04:58] -
Jennifer Stratton
Term: 20043

A crocodile finds a sunbathing mermaid.
Linear? [00:09:34] -
Albert Snell
Term: 20043

The study of motion and its views.
The Tourist [00:04:46] -
Christopher Daly
Term: 20051

The story of a camera wielding tourist who gets in trouble with the locals.
Producing Craft Track [00:20:37] -
Krystal Lord
Term: 20043

A man tries to hide his fiance's parents from his granny and her secrets.
The Creeping Fear [00:06:33] -
Brett Hall
Term: 20043

A group of aniamted characters are killed off within their creator's mind until one of them manages to do him in first.
Blind Date [00:17:58] -
Audrey Delaney
Term: 20043

A man searches for his blind date when he cant contact her.
Sheep Wants to Drive [00:04:29] -
Edward Corridon
Term: 20043

A sheep drives a car
All Foxed Up [00:02:17] -
David Edmondson
Term: 20043

A fox chasing a rabbit is slowed down by the digital breakdown of the film they are in.
The Traveling Platypus [00:03:45] -
Robert Rutan
Term: 20043

A platypus learns about babies and platypi
lepidoptera [00:07:02] -
Shannon Pytlak
Term: 20043

A man studying butterflies finds an unusual specimin
Apartment 24 [00:17:11] -
Patrick Mcmahon
Term: 20051

Rupert begins to have problems with his girlfriend after trying to keep a strange creature he finds in the basement of their new apartment building.
Demo Reel [00:04:45] -
Joshua Kesner
Term: 20043

Gone Batty [00:04:48] -
Kathryn Gallant
Term: 20043

Construction [00:15:39] -
Stephen Formel
Term: 20033

Student director has big dreams while making a movie while struggling with disillusionment and relationships
The Schooling of Peter Fledge [00:33:29] -
Glenn Porter
Term: 20033

High schooler Peter falls for Blair, forming a love triangle with his good friend.
I''m On the Outside Lookin' In [00:05:00] -
Stephen Waichulis
Term: 20033

Cycle rider goes on a journey in outer and inner spaces.
New Boy Blue [00:07:52] -
Kimberly White
Term: 20033

A compilation of works edited by Kimberly White
Trust The Bus [00:05:08] -
Neil Wickman
Term: 20033

A wolf bus driver preys on his sheep passangers.
Where You Belong [00:11:30] -
Matthew Tripolone
Term: 20033

A frustrated man tries to find his purpose in life through betting on horses.
Jetboy [00:12:14] -
Holland Kemp
Term: 20033

A bookish teen who daydreams struggles with coming of age.
White Wonder [00:33:17] -
Daniel Swinton
Term: 20033

The search for the elusive white squirrel
Incarnate [00:06:26] -
Nickolas Sinnott
Term: 20033

Man carves a creature out of a tree
15 Footnotes [00:24:39] -
Marianne Denning
Term: 20033

A girl quits her job to become a writer. Told through her stream of concious.
Quoth the Raven [00:04:14] -
Cynthia Danieli
Term: 20033

A girl who is struggling with how to properly read the line "nevermore" from Poe's The Raven, seeks out the letters themselves to help her.
The Monster Within [00:03:27] -
Sean Keeton
Term: 20033

A monster gets itself confused with a pinata at a children's birthday party.
Orbit [00:08:06] -
Michael Bonavilla
Term: 20023

Four couples lives have an interconnection of events
Deadly Nightshade [00:18:09] -
Jaclyn Coren
Term: 20023

Reporter investigates an incident in the tragic world of drunk driving
Trainee [00:01:15] -
Michael Dallo
Term: 20023

mishaps of a trainee in a bagel store
Sight Unseen [00:27:04] -
Matthew Finton
Term: 20031

No matter what the circumstances a man feels unable to connect with a woman
Reflex [00:11:39] -
Thomas Martinth
Term: 20031

A detective investigates illicit romance
Dyspeptic Doldrums [00:03:15] -
Sean Mccausland
Term: 20031

A man presents a play about a drifter's travels at the turn of the 19th century
Hell's Angels [00:03:35] -
Barry Nardone
Term: 20023

Demon buddies struggle to re-ignite a frozen-over hell.
The Little Valyre [00:02:41] -
Jason Orsatti
Term: 20022

Viking hero/god faces off with spirits and demons
Fear/Beauty Collide [00:19:41] -
Joshua Shenkman
Term: 20023

The collapse of a family from a child's point of view (and multiple others') using reflection and soft focus.
Bullies [00:03:57] -
James Yang
Term: 20023

A nerdy little guy tries to learn how to fight back against the title nemeses.
Lessons in Customer Service [00:11:28] -
Nicole Ferrari
Term: 20023

A woman's last night as a server at an Italian Resturant
[00:11:28] -
Christopher Rist
Term: 20023

The Trees are Full of Strangers [00:11:28] -
Emily Gruendike
Term: 20023

A man and woman struggle to work out their relationship and dancing
Ingredients [00:05:51] -
Everett Religioso
Term: 20023

Picky shopper is chased by shopping carts through supermarket
Adventures In Boredom [00:02:56] -
Jeffrey Lichtfuss
Term: 20024

Boy uses imagination to fight boredom and goes on adventure
El Cucuy [00:04:37] -
Sylvia Lemus
Term: 20023

Boy takes doll from girl and hides it in basement, she goes to find it.
Shortline [00:45:49] -
Robert (chris) Danis
Term: 20023

Documentary on the daily work day of a train worker
Florbit [00:04:39] -
Thomas Hurlburt
Term: 20023

Caterpillars try to escape from the wrath of the humans, traveling to a new tree.
J And J Exterminators [00:19:49] -
Michael Freeman
Term: 20023

Finding Happiness [00:19:49] -
Raeanne Wright
Term: 20023

Investigation of the psychology and philosophy of happiness
Electric Vertebrae [00:19:49] -
David Chontos
Term: 20023

Store Value [00:19:49] -
Keith Mckeon
Term: 20013

The owner of a hardware store must come to terms with a new employee and his own recert disabling accident
Karma [00:04:00] -
Elizabeth Mclaren
Term: 20013

An apprecntice helps a master wizard get what he deserves
H.I.A [00:03:22] -
Alan Ring
Term: 20013

Anthropomorphised animals overthrow a meat processing plant
Thrice Upon a Time [00:12:14] -
James Medinaj
Term: 20012

Time collapses for three "whens" of the same person.
Bread Instinct [00:03:24] -
A lee Amarakoon
Term: 20013

Green ducks play rock scissors paper and argue over sandwiches in an unsafe world
Metal [00:02:59] -
Chris Day
Term: 20013

Wrestling robot has a final match before retirement.
Populous Magazine [00:10:10] -
Matthew Taylor
Term: 20013

The magazine editor wants a nerdy, inexperienced writed to sex up his articles; a fantasy life takes over
Trailer to Valor [00:10:26] -
Adam Halstead
Term: 20013

Firefighter struggles with disturbing visions and the stress of his volunteering
Fish Sticks [00:15:15] -
Heather Bennett
Term: 20013

An estranged couple separate after the woman falls in love with a merman.
Sidharidia-NO Turning Back [00:14:51] -
Mark Weber
Term: 20013

Missionary efforts in Tanzania told with a personal perspective
Concepts in Staging [00:30:46] -
Joshua Liller
Term: 20013

Presentation of the lighting of the Diary of Anne Frank stage play
Fabulous Findings [00:12:06] -
Susan Cody
Term: 20013

Fabric shop employee has problems and fantasizes about a coworker
Zeno's Got an Axe and I Think He's Crazy [00:04:25] -
Jeffrey Johnsonj
Term: 20013

A nested doll figure discusses the halving pradox with a horse and a man with an axe
perceptions [00:03:24] -
Eric Bardo
Term: 20013

Visual music involving taped images, lights and reflections, edited to melody and rhythm
Bug Man [00:13:24] -
Luke Smith
Term: 20014

Teenager struggles with father who is different.
Castout [00:21:13] -
Donald Dorson
Term: 20013

A young man deals with social rejection and coming of age
Building On Fire [01:10:59] -
Matthew Werts
Term: 20013

This past summer, my band, Building on fire, set on it's first tour, a 3 week trip across the U.S. with our friends Standfast
Cinematography Presentation [00:04:11] -
Nathan Lauterstein
Term: 20013

Soundless clips from three different projects as cinematograhpy examples.
City Zoo [00:02:23] -
James Dube
Term: 20013

Monkeys from a zoo try to escape from the security guard.
Thirsty [00:03:04] -
Scott Johnsons
Term: 20013

Man with no money tries to trick vending machine for soda.
ARRR! A Pirate Film [00:19:21] -
Mark Grzesiuk
Term: 20013

A young girl goes on an adventure with two people who think they are pirates
Oh Noey! [00:05:13] -
David Jutsum
Term: 20021

Zaki and Taki, two studio executives, must find a way to deal with Noey, an enraged scriptwriter who doesn' approve of their changes to her script.
Musashi vs. Kojiro [00:02:42] -
Allen Cheng
Term: 20002

Warriors do combat
Deresolution [00:15:32] -
Christopher Evich
Term: 20003

A future world where cyberspace virtual reality interacts with the human mind
Victoria [00:19:43] -
Delana Gray
Term: 20003

The title character is an abused housewife with a secret wild side
Frottage [00:04:14] -
Danielle Heitmuller
Term: 20003

A girl strives to make art in a Victorian household
Omelas [00:06:03] -
Ethan Mccaughey
Term: 20011

The future where man is augmented by machine - one woman seeks to reconnect with nature
One Thousand Words [00:27:34] -
Adam Blair
Term: 20003

Lucid [00:09:02] -
Jonathan Fischer
Term: 20003

A man has flashes of a surgery involving seafood, he orders food at a restaurant
Through My Mind and In My Eyes [00:04:30] -
Jason Croatto
Term: 20003

Live action edited to represent visual music with graphic elements
Rogue [00:19:00] -
Sean Stanley
Term: 20003

A genetically engineered soldier time-travels to confront her creator
Vidiot [00:09:30] -
Robert Stone
Term: 20003

Explaoration of video edits and time remapping using audio beds - a sort of visual music with sound bytes and mostly found footage
Acceptance [00:11:52] -
Christian Bruncsak
Term: 20011

A documentary about women who work as exotic dancers and how they got started dancing.
One Day I Met Jimmy [00:10:05] -
Daniel Barry
Term: 20003

A hidden camera documentary focusing on a homeless man named Jimmy.
Deeper [00:07:39] -
Joseph Emerling
Term: 20003

Animation exploring color, shape, and forms.
The Drowning Man [00:12:39] -
Christopher Barbur
Term: 19953

Animie [00:06:23] -
Daniel Ganoung
Term: 19983

Canned Moose [00:18:29] -
Jeffrey Hahl
Term: 19982

Explain it to me [00:18:49] -
Cyrus Shelhamer
Term: 19983

Spacebrothers [00:48:15] -
Daniel Didsbury
Term: 19983

Whisper [00:28:18] -
Bryan Mcmullen
Term: 19984

[00:11:33] -
Monica Rivera padial
Term: 19984

Blockbuster [00:28:55] -
Joshus Slates
Term: 19973

Divine Nature [00:22:26] -
Mathieu Johnsonbaugh
Term: 19981

In the Shadow [00:07:11] -
Brian Busher
Term: 19973

TV Land [00:04:05] -
Steven Prusakowski
Term: 19973

The Bowling Ball [00:20:41] -
Kurt Nellis
Term: 19973

1st Date [00:14:52] -
Jason Gillet
Term: 19973

Pleasance [00:06:02] -
Jason Huddy
Term: 19981

Personal Best [00:25:37] -
Jeffrey Einhorn
Term: 19971

More than a Witness [00:12:07] -
Michael Callahan
Term: 19963

Composition #1 [00:20:21] -
Anthony Paglia
Term: 19963

Breaking Away [00:39:58] -
Jarod Su
Term: 2007

Grandpa? [00:22:33] - G
Tzu-hui Lin
Term: 2009

Homecoming [00:31:19] -
Po-sheng Chiang
Term: 2009

A trip back home in Taiwan for Papa's funeral.
Co Co Nut [00:05:06] -
Jiunn-fu Su
Term: 20082

Two shiprecked friends fight over the largest coconut on their island.
Awen: Flowing Spirit [00:09:30] -
Matthew Costanza
Term: 20072

A cubist inspired piece investigating the human body in motion through space and time.