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Presentation Reel [00:11:43] -
Seth Uhlin
Term: 20013

Compilation of lighting work
Store Value [00:19:49] -
Keith Mckeon
Term: 20013

The owner of a hardware store must come to terms with a new employee and his own recert disabling accident
Karma [00:04:00] -
Elizabeth Mclaren
Term: 20013

An apprecntice helps a master wizard get what he deserves
H.I.A [00:03:22] -
Alan Ring
Term: 20013

Anthropomorphised animals overthrow a meat processing plant
Bread Instinct [00:03:24] -
A lee Amarakoon
Term: 20013

Green ducks play rock scissors paper and argue over sandwiches in an unsafe world
Metal [00:02:59] -
Chris Day
Term: 20013

Wrestling robot has a final match before retirement.
Populous Magazine [00:10:10] -
Matthew Taylor
Term: 20013

The magazine editor wants a nerdy, inexperienced writed to sex up his articles; a fantasy life takes over
Trailer to Valor [00:10:26] -
Adam Halstead
Term: 20013

Firefighter struggles with disturbing visions and the stress of his volunteering
Fish Sticks [00:15:15] -
Heather Bennett
Term: 20013

An estranged couple separate after the woman falls in love with a merman.
Sidharidia-NO Turning Back [00:14:51] -
Mark Weber
Term: 20013

Missionary efforts in Tanzania told with a personal perspective
Concepts in Staging [00:30:46] -
Joshua Liller
Term: 20013

Presentation of the lighting of the Diary of Anne Frank stage play
Fabulous Findings [00:12:06] -
Susan Cody
Term: 20013

Fabric shop employee has problems and fantasizes about a coworker
Zeno's Got an Axe and I Think He's Crazy [00:04:25] -
Jeffrey Johnsonj
Term: 20013

A nested doll figure discusses the halving pradox with a horse and a man with an axe
perceptions [00:03:24] -
Eric Bardo
Term: 20013

Visual music involving taped images, lights and reflections, edited to melody and rhythm
Castout [00:21:13] -
Donald Dorson
Term: 20013

A young man deals with social rejection and coming of age
Building On Fire [01:10:59] -
Matthew Werts
Term: 20013

This past summer, my band, Building on fire, set on it's first tour, a 3 week trip across the U.S. with our friends Standfast
Cinematography Presentation [00:04:11] -
Nathan Lauterstein
Term: 20013

Soundless clips from three different projects as cinematograhpy examples.
City Zoo [00:02:23] -
James Dube
Term: 20013

Monkeys from a zoo try to escape from the security guard.
Thirsty [00:03:04] -
Scott Johnsons
Term: 20013

Man with no money tries to trick vending machine for soda.
ARRR! A Pirate Film [00:19:21] -
Mark Grzesiuk
Term: 20013

A young girl goes on an adventure with two people who think they are pirates
20 results...