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A Tall Tale [00:04:34] -
Cheryl Schmidt
Term: 20023

Hello Sunshine [00:28:00] -
Benjamin Gonyo
Term: 20023

Being [00:14:09] -
Jon-michael Higgins
Term: 20023

A survivor of childhood abuse struggles when asked to give the abusing father's eulogy.
Orbit [00:08:06] -
Michael Bonavilla
Term: 20023

Four couples lives have an interconnection of events
Deadly Nightshade [00:18:09] -
Jaclyn Coren
Term: 20023

Reporter investigates an incident in the tragic world of drunk driving
Trainee [00:01:15] -
Michael Dallo
Term: 20023

mishaps of a trainee in a bagel store
Hell's Angels [00:03:35] -
Barry Nardone
Term: 20023

Demon buddies struggle to re-ignite a frozen-over hell.
Fear/Beauty Collide [00:19:41] -
Joshua Shenkman
Term: 20023

The collapse of a family from a child's point of view (and multiple others') using reflection and soft focus.
Bullies [00:03:57] -
James Yang
Term: 20023

A nerdy little guy tries to learn how to fight back against the title nemeses.
Lessons in Customer Service [00:11:28] -
Nicole Ferrari
Term: 20023

A woman's last night as a server at an Italian Resturant
[00:11:28] -
Christopher Rist
Term: 20023

The Trees are Full of Strangers [00:11:28] -
Emily Gruendike
Term: 20023

A man and woman struggle to work out their relationship and dancing
Ingredients [00:05:51] -
Everett Religioso
Term: 20023

Picky shopper is chased by shopping carts through supermarket
El Cucuy [00:04:37] -
Sylvia Lemus
Term: 20023

Boy takes doll from girl and hides it in basement, she goes to find it.
Shortline [00:45:49] -
Robert (chris) Danis
Term: 20023

Documentary on the daily work day of a train worker
Florbit [00:04:39] -
Thomas Hurlburt
Term: 20023

Caterpillars try to escape from the wrath of the humans, traveling to a new tree.
J And J Exterminators [00:19:49] -
Michael Freeman
Term: 20023

Finding Happiness [00:19:49] -
Raeanne Wright
Term: 20023

Investigation of the psychology and philosophy of happiness
Electric Vertebrae [00:19:49] -
David Chontos
Term: 20023

19 results...