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Deresolution [00:15:32] -
Christopher Evich
Term: 20003

A future world where cyberspace virtual reality interacts with the human mind
Victoria [00:19:43] -
Delana Gray
Term: 20003

The title character is an abused housewife with a secret wild side
Frottage [00:04:14] -
Danielle Heitmuller
Term: 20003

A girl strives to make art in a Victorian household
One Thousand Words [00:27:34] -
Adam Blair
Term: 20003

Lucid [00:09:02] -
Jonathan Fischer
Term: 20003

A man has flashes of a surgery involving seafood, he orders food at a restaurant
Through My Mind and In My Eyes [00:04:30] -
Jason Croatto
Term: 20003

Live action edited to represent visual music with graphic elements
Rogue [00:19:00] -
Sean Stanley
Term: 20003

A genetically engineered soldier time-travels to confront her creator
Vidiot [00:09:30] -
Robert Stone
Term: 20003

Explaoration of video edits and time remapping using audio beds - a sort of visual music with sound bytes and mostly found footage
One Day I Met Jimmy [00:10:05] -
Daniel Barry
Term: 20003

A hidden camera documentary focusing on a homeless man named Jimmy.
Deeper [00:07:39] -
Joseph Emerling
Term: 20003

Animation exploring color, shape, and forms.
Musashi vs. Kojiro [00:02:42] -
Allen Cheng
Term: 20002

Warriors do combat
11 results...