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Just Deserts [00:06:58] -
Christopher Kamsler
Term: 20033

An aardvark fights with some ants over food in the desert.
Milo [00:03:03] -
James Gambell
Term: 20033

A tiny creation rebels against its creator and refuses to be left alone in its environment.
This Movie [00:20:56] -
Amy Vassallo
Term: 20033

Three girls move in next door to three college boys, and rivalry of pranks begins.
New Boy Blue [00:22:46] -
Thaddeus Napp
Term: 20033

A teen questions his sexuality and tries to gain acceptance from friends and family
Broken Images [00:20:31] -
Jeffrey Metcalf
Term: 20033

Abstracted crime scene
Desidero [00:05:11] -
Gregory Madore
Term: 20033

A man struggles to answer the call of a crying baby
The Way Back [00:13:46] -
Benjamin Moskowitz
Term: 20033

Real Fantasy [00:28:39] -
Adam Esposito
Term: 20033

Construction [00:15:39] -
Stephen Formel
Term: 20033

Student director has big dreams while making a movie while struggling with disillusionment and relationships
The Schooling of Peter Fledge [00:33:29] -
Glenn Porter
Term: 20033

High schooler Peter falls for Blair, forming a love triangle with his good friend.
I''m On the Outside Lookin' In [00:05:00] -
Stephen Waichulis
Term: 20033

Cycle rider goes on a journey in outer and inner spaces.
New Boy Blue [00:07:52] -
Kimberly White
Term: 20033

A compilation of works edited by Kimberly White
Trust The Bus [00:05:08] -
Neil Wickman
Term: 20033

A wolf bus driver preys on his sheep passangers.
Where You Belong [00:11:30] -
Matthew Tripolone
Term: 20033

A frustrated man tries to find his purpose in life through betting on horses.
Jetboy [00:12:14] -
Holland Kemp
Term: 20033

A bookish teen who daydreams struggles with coming of age.
White Wonder [00:33:17] -
Daniel Swinton
Term: 20033

The search for the elusive white squirrel
Incarnate [00:06:26] -
Nickolas Sinnott
Term: 20033

Man carves a creature out of a tree
15 Footnotes [00:24:39] -
Marianne Denning
Term: 20033

A girl quits her job to become a writer. Told through her stream of concious.
Quoth the Raven [00:04:14] -
Cynthia Danieli
Term: 20033

A girl who is struggling with how to properly read the line "nevermore" from Poe's The Raven, seeks out the letters themselves to help her.
The Monster Within [00:03:27] -
Sean Keeton
Term: 20033

A monster gets itself confused with a pinata at a children's birthday party.
Sight Unseen [00:27:04] -
Matthew Finton
Term: 20031

No matter what the circumstances a man feels unable to connect with a woman
Reflex [00:11:39] -
Thomas Martinth
Term: 20031

A detective investigates illicit romance
Dyspeptic Doldrums [00:03:15] -
Sean Mccausland
Term: 20031

A man presents a play about a drifter's travels at the turn of the 19th century
23 results...