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Totem [00:24:03] -
Stephen Beikirch
Term: 20043

A look into the history and spiritual significance of tomemes and anthropomorphism at large
Conversations With Nothing [00:11:13] -
Peter Klinkon
Term: 20043

Exploration of two people's lives
Unleashed [00:03:02] -
Kevin Balamut
Term: 20043

Dog must find a leash or be thrown into the pound.
The Summer of Kate [00:03:31] -
Jennifer Treuting
Term: 20043

A young woman goes home to spend the summer with her mother and gets to know her and her town better
Mimetic #7 [00:09:55] -
Jesse Borowskij
Term: 20043

Mimetic: adjective - characterized by, exhibiting, or of the nature of imitation or mimicry
Udder Madness [00:03:02] -
Jonathan Levis
Term: 20043

Cow mutates into a mad cow.
Stories For Boys [00:16:32] -
Derek Gibbons
Term: 20043

Boy relates to his imaginary friend about the monster, his dad.
Last But Not Least [00:04:33] -
Michael Melo
Term: 20043

A little girl's king doll becomes trapped in a bubble, and the members of his court all work to release him.
Presentation Disk [00:07:12] -
Paul Dolzall
Term: 20043

Last But Not Least [00:04:33] -
Eugene Conniff
Term: 20043

A little girl's king doll becomes trapped in a bubble, and the members of his court all work to release him.
A Study In Science Fiction [00:13:12] -
Michael Barakat
Term: 20043

Homage to the genre of science fiction
Otter Joy [00:05:07] -
Nathan Yellig
Term: 20043

Two otters fight over fish to eat.
I Scream, You Scream [00:01:34] -
Steven Rybinski
Term: 20043

Boy tries to get ice cream from the ice cream truck.
Tan Line [00:04:58] -
Jennifer Stratton
Term: 20043

A crocodile finds a sunbathing mermaid.
Linear? [00:09:34] -
Albert Snell
Term: 20043

The study of motion and its views.
Producing Craft Track [00:20:37] -
Krystal Lord
Term: 20043

A man tries to hide his fiance's parents from his granny and her secrets.
The Creeping Fear [00:06:33] -
Brett Hall
Term: 20043

A group of aniamted characters are killed off within their creator's mind until one of them manages to do him in first.
Blind Date [00:17:58] -
Audrey Delaney
Term: 20043

A man searches for his blind date when he cant contact her.
Sheep Wants to Drive [00:04:29] -
Edward Corridon
Term: 20043

A sheep drives a car
All Foxed Up [00:02:17] -
David Edmondson
Term: 20043

A fox chasing a rabbit is slowed down by the digital breakdown of the film they are in.
The Traveling Platypus [00:03:45] -
Robert Rutan
Term: 20043

A platypus learns about babies and platypi
lepidoptera [00:07:02] -
Shannon Pytlak
Term: 20043

A man studying butterflies finds an unusual specimin
Demo Reel [00:04:45] -
Joshua Kesner
Term: 20043

Gone Batty [00:04:48] -
Kathryn Gallant
Term: 20043

Soulfest [00:09:50] -
Ashley Edwards
Term: 20042

A document about Christian rock centering on the 2005 Soulfest event
New School [00:05:31] -
William Craddock
Term: 20041

Number six toy robot is exiled, then teaches the others a new way to groove
28 results...