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Demo Reel [00:03:43] -
Daniel Colmenares
Term: 20054

The Meaning of Goodbye [00:21:27] -
John Waterman
Term: 20053

A lad meets up with an ex and throws away his new relationship. Also smashes a VHS tape.
[00:07:23] -
Kevin Kilcher
Term: 20053

3D Modeling [00:02:50] -
Joshua Piejko
Term: 20053

Love at First Roach [00:02:50] -
William Robinson
Term: 20053

A roach is on a date with a mouse.
And away we go [00:03:07] -
La toye Adams
Term: 20053

Wheel Love [00:05:06] -
Jacqueline White
Term: 20053

Hamster's search for his spinning wheel.
Roads [00:07:13] -
Eric Hunn
Term: 20053

Woman riding motorcycle does not know which road to take .
Chloe Gets a Pet [00:03:22] -
David Suroviec
Term: 20053

A bird joins a girl's tea party
DP Thesis Craftrack [00:05:31] -
Joseph Kacyon
Term: 20053

Five Hours to Sunday [00:18:50] -
Kristen Klutzow
Term: 20053

A girl has to confront a person from her past to find her lost ring.
A User's Guide [00:21:15] -
Daniel Kuba
Term: 20053

Guy tries to solve his intamcy problems with his girlfriend with a book.
Clonal eclipse of the heart [00:25:47] -
Brendan Vanmeter
Term: 20053

Aliens try to help a teenager hooke up with a girl.
Tobykins [00:03:30] -
Sean Sullivan
Term: 20053

A young boy tries to be a superhero and rescue a small bird, but his attempts seem to do more harm than good.
Privileged Cattle Complex [00:02:38] -
Shaun Joye
Term: 20053

This End Up [00:06:09] -
Jonathan Williams
Term: 20053

An interstellar delivery man must complete a difficult drop off or be fired.
A Frog and A Princess [00:03:19] -
Kimberly Miner
Term: 20053

Abbott the Apple Prince [00:04:44] -
James Macchiano
Term: 20053

Pygmalion Dreams [00:03:15] -
Nathaniel Hubbell
Term: 20053

Gotta Go!!! [00:05:31] -
Jeffrey Rapess
Term: 20053

A young boy relies on his imagination when his sister locks him out of the bathroom.
The Roche Limit [00:05:02] -
Brent Paige
Term: 20053

A young man works to escape a collapsing planet with his father's historical archive intact.
Streets and Struggles [00:06:32] -
Bartek Franek
Term: 20052

A talking dog is discovered by a homeless man.
Primordial Soup [00:01:39] -
Aaron Giterman
Term: 20052

Man's soup spans living creatures.
Good Morning Cephalga [00:03:59] -
Thomas Smolenski
Term: 20051

A man tries an pet medication on himslef to his pet's dismay
The Tourist [00:04:46] -
Christopher Daly
Term: 20051

The story of a camera wielding tourist who gets in trouble with the locals.
Apartment 24 [00:17:11] -
Patrick Mcmahon
Term: 20051

Rupert begins to have problems with his girlfriend after trying to keep a strange creature he finds in the basement of their new apartment building.
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