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Communicate With Me [ 00:06:33 ]

Darian Slattery | May 18th, 2017
Approximate Rating: PG-13
Screenings 2165 - World viewable

Logline: After running into a Deaf/hearing communication barrier while interpreting a phone call with a car company, Kathy worries about whether her Deaf girlfriend will suffer similarly upon going home to meet Kathy's parents, who don't know a word of sign language.
Kathy and Lori have only ever communicated in American Sign Language, but Kathy is relatively new to both this language and the culture that comes along with it. After seeing how hearing people who have never been exposed to Deaf people struggle to interact with them, Kathy worries that when Lori, her easygoing Deaf girlfriend, has to finally meet Kathy's hearing, speaking parents the three will be unable to understand one another.


  • Matthew Guarnaccia - Sound Designer
  • Victoria Dunn - Sound Mixer

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